Thursday, 29 May 2014

A Natural Play Area, a Drain, and Tree guards. What do they have in common?

Answer: They were three tasks that Central and East Lakes Rangers, with a Working Holiday Group, got to grips with over the course of two days.

Ben Knipe, Woodland Ranger, who organised the work. Chain sawing in the background. (At work on the "Natural Play Area").

The "Natural Play Area" is set among the magnificent champion conifers that make up The Tall Tree Trail situated in Skelghyll Woods, near Waterhead.

For more details, please have a look at the post..."Champion Trees of Ambleside" on this Blog Site.

Ready to lever up one of the balance beams into position.

Hack sawing the threaded bar to length, prior to bolting up the balance beam to the supporting uprights.

First phase completed! More "Natural Play" apparatus will be constructed in the future. All the wood  materials are found nearby.

Meanwhile, in the same neck of the woods, a traditional open slate culvert is being constructed to replace an old, unsightly broken pipe.

Tamping down the base stones.

Excellent job!

The next day, the rangers and volunteers went tree planting and constructed tree guards as part of a project to enhance the wood pasture at Troutbeck Park Farm.

Ben Knipe, Woodland Ranger, explaining what the work will involve. Note the trailer in the background with the posts and rails needed to construct the tree guards.

The long haul! Carrying  the rails up to the tree planting sites.

The tree has been planted. Constructing the tree  guard is now well underway.

Countryside Ranger, Ray Gregory, working with two of the working holiday group on another tree guard.

A completed guard with young oak tree that will in time take the place of the fallen tree.

 A tree guard overlooking Beatrix Potter's favourite farm...Troutbeck Park Farm. More tree guards may be seen in the top of the image.

As can be seen, a great deal was achieved in two days, thanks to the unstinting help received from such a willing and able Working  Holiday  Group.

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