Friday, 23 May 2014

Track and drainage work at Millerground.

The accumulation of leaf mould covering the track at Millerground was getting quite thick. Neil at the controls of a JCB, scraping up the mud and leaf mould prior to some resurfacing work. 
The track was wet in places, owing to drainage problems.
In addition to cleaning the track, Neil dug a trench in order to catch surface water coming down  from Queen Adelaide Hill's steep slope above Millerground.
The slope at the bottom of Queen Adelaide Hill. The Millerground track is below the dry stone wall boundary.
"Beck Cobbles" were used to make a "French drain" in the recently dug trench. 
The finished drain. It allows water to flow freely into a pipe situated further down the slope which then empties into the beck.
The popular track that leads down to Windermere is much improved and now has a much better and (drier) surface for visitors to walk on. The new drainage system is coping well, even during  recent torrential rain.

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