Wednesday, 28 October 2015

High Lickbarrow Farm.

High Lickbarrow Farm.

High Lickbarrow Farm, near Windermere,  has been bequeathed to the National Trust by Mr Michael Bottomley who sadly died last January.

The Gateway to the front garden seen from the front door.

Fine topiary work on yew and box leading up to the front door of the farmhouse.

The farm possesses fifty hectares of land,  half of which is SSSI. (Site of special scientific interest), a conservation designation denoting a protected area in the UK.

High Lickbarrow has some of the finest unspoilt pasture land in the South Lakes region with many species of wildflowers to be seen during the Summer months.

The farm is home to the Scout Beck herd of Albion cattle. This herd was founded by Michael Bottomley's late sister, Libby.

It is not entirely certain as to whether the breed became extinct during foot and mouth epidemics and was re-established later or was preserved during these times.

The Albion Cattle Society are..."dedicated to raising public awareness of this dying breed and help save it from extinction".

Ongoing work at this unique farm includes tidying up the 'cottage garden'.....



and, well it's a work in progress!

'Lopping' back the undergrowth to locate...

....the septic tank. We get all the best jobs!

Kim has worked really hard to improve the front garden.

Lots of work still to do... but it's a start. 


  1. A favourite of Mine R I P Michael , going to try and visit with the Civic Society in April this year. My Father and I are currently investigating old farms in the District, we are local with local knowledge. We were at Barrow Wife last week, its being renovated at this moment. The History we are researching is fascinating, focusing in on Cartmel Fell as part of our Family History research on the Watson's at Sow How Fox Fields and Hartbarrow where my Ancestors were Yeoman famers back to 1700's in Sow How. Writing a book. One book, already published Hartbarrow a Golden Treasury in Verse

    1. Thanks for your your comment which is much appreciated. Sorry for the late reply.Your research sounds most interesting. Hopefully you will enjoy your visit to High Lickbarrow with the Civic Society in April.

    2. I am interested to see your lines of research. My forebears came from Lickbarrow and I have written a Patchwork History of Cartmel Fell. The Harrisons of Barrow Wife were great friends of ours and I have photocopies of the Quaker documents, found in a nearby farm. also the indentures from when the Meeting house was built.
      Do get in touch if you are interested. We might be able to exchange info.