Sunday, 1 November 2015

Stone setts for Galava fort signs.

Back in August 2014, on a very wet Sunday,  the Cumbria National Trust Volunteers helped us to install new interpretation signs for the Roman fort at Ambleside. 
On an amazingly warm Sunday 1st of November '15, five members of the group helped us to put in hard standing areas in front of the signs, using Burlington stone setts. 

The following images show just what a good job they did!
The volunteers seen here digging out a base for the stone setts.
The wooden frame being put in position.
Levelling the setts using a straight edge and lump hammer shafts.
The setts were laid on a bed of mortar.
Almost finished.
Brushing in the sharp or grit sand.
More mortar on the way.
Unloading stone setts from the trailer for the next stand.
Cutting back the turf.
The  turf will be used to help heal erosion scars by the lake shore.
Two out of the five completed stands. 
These hard-standing areas will stop the ground wearing away or becoming so muddy in-front of the interpretation signs... especially with the ever increasing numbers of visitors to the fort.

Members of the  C.N.T.V group with their fine looking handiwork in the foreground.

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