Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Troutbeck off-road Footpath.

An off-road footpath, running between NT Howe Farm land and the busy A592, overlooks the Troutbeck valley and was constructed many years ago; so long ago, in fact, that ownership of the path has now become blurred over the years.

After consultation with the Troutbeck Village Society the NT agreed to maintain and look after the path until ownership can be established. This will give the dual benefit of encouraging walkers to use the path instead of a potentially dangerous section of road and it also helps to improve links with the network of paths in and around Troutbeck.

Up until recently the three hundred metre path had become very uninviting... as can be seen in the image above; it was even worse than this until Trust rangers strimmed, and cut back encroaching vegetation. 
A large volunteer group from Shardale, led by NT Base camp rangers, Rob, Phillipa and Matt, came along to help us with improving and resurfacing the path on the third and fourth of November. 
The first task was to cut back the turf  in an eighty cm. strip along the length of the path... prior to resurfacing it.
Measuring sticks were used to determine the width of the path back from the leading edge.
Almost ready for resurfacing.
Approximately twenty tons of aggregate, from Elterwater Quarry, was used to  resurface the path.
Yet again the indispensable power barrows came into their own on a project like this.
The land-rover and tipper trailer with another two ton load from Elterwater.
A scene from the quarry. (Two very misty days)
Smiles at the end of the second day and the first phase of the project completed.
Above ....
....and below!
The first walkers to use the upgraded footpath.
Thanks to everyone involved with this project, especially the volunteers.
It was a most enjoyable and productive two days!
Job to be proud of.

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