Monday, 16 November 2015

BARN STORMING ABIGAIL! Storm damaged barn at Troutbeck Park Farm.

Friday unlucky day for this National Trust barn which was extensively damaged by high wind speeds generated by 'Storm Abigail' (A BIG GALE?), the UK's first named storm.

Because of its remote location and the rough track leading to it, the National Trust builders requested the help of the rangers, with land-rover and trailer, to transport acrow props and scaffolding tubes up to the barn. 

The first acrow prop in place. (above and below). These props will give some much needed support to the roof.

As the  building is in a dangerous state, temporary barricades have been put in place, but more substantial and secure barricades will be erected as soon as possible.

Unfortunately in this instance, the somewhat appropriately named Storm Barney, the second storm strong enough to be named by the Met Office, is following hard on the heels of Abigail. Further damage to the barn may occur with it's structural integrity already seriously compromised.

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