Friday, 9 May 2014

A couple of small jobs.

Some of our work involves basic maintenance, or dealing with situations as and when they arise.

The following are two recent examples:

A small section of the private road to Long Green Head Farm, and Troutbeck Park Farm was eroding quite rapidly. 

Digging out to create a firm foundation for the revetement and tarmac.

The repair two weeks later and holding firm.

Heavy vehicles such as tractors and "feed wagons" use this narrow, single track road so a prompt repair was needed before it got any worse.


Two trees had fallen across the boundary fence between the National Trust wooded area at Post Knott and the neighbouring field owned by Matson Ground Farm.

The fence was no longer stock proof so the trees needed to be removed as soon as possible and the fence repaired.

A chain saw was needed to cut up this much.

Now on to the next fallen tree

Nearly done.

The wood and the brash now tidied away and the fence has been straightened and is stock proof again.

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