Saturday, 7 June 2014

50 Things, Cockshott Point and Beatrix Potter.

Cockshott Point is a small promontory, located to the south of Bowness Bay, with meadow, woodland and a long foreshore. It is one of the few public access points to Windermere's eastern shoreline.

Cockshott is derived from the Old English word, Coccscyute which means woodcock net trap.

Cockshott Point is very popular as it has an easily accessible lakeside path with beautiful views across Windermere.

The National Trust acquired Cockshott Point in the late 1920s .....with help from Beatrix Potter. She sold 50 of her drawings to help raise funds! In a letter she explained, "....we do not wish to interfere with house building in suitable places but we wish to preserve some portions of wildland unspoilt for the general good....". 

Countless people have enjoyed free access to this lovely place ever since. 

Cockshott Point overlooking Ferry House and Claife Heights over on the west shore of Windermere.

Cockshott Point with a view (from one of the many benches) across the narrow strip of water to the Round House on Belle Isle, Windermere's largest island. 

Looking north to High Street and the other Far Eastern Fells. 

As part of the National Trust's campaign for 50 things to do before you're 11 3/4, Bill and Neil have set up for two of the things to do alongside the Cockshott Point path......Plant it, Grow it, Eat it..and Kites!

Future activities involving 50 things are taking place at Cockshott Point on: Monday, July 21st. July 28th. Sunday August 3rd. Tuesday August 12th. Monday August 25th. Look forward to seeing you. 

Bill involved with some intricate kite making........ is Neil!

Let's go....

and fly a kite!

Bill explaining the benefits of being a National Trust member to an interested passer-by.

The MV Tern (1891 vintage) passing between Cockshott Point and Belle Isle on her way to the nearby jetty at Bowness to the north.

Another view of Windermere's west shore and Claife Heights. It has been said that this wooded area, managed by the National Trust, has at least one example of every native tree found in the UK.

The small wood on the east side of Cockshott Point has lots of potential for finding some more of the 50 things to do...............

...............and so does the beach! 

"Right in the middle of the most beautiful part of Windermere".
Beatrix Potter.

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