Thursday, 19 June 2014

Stone picking, scrub clearing, grass strimming, brush cutting, Austin outing....Aira Force!

After extensive refurbishment works to Aira Force car park, a big tidy up was needed for the surrounding area.
Audrey, "barring" a large stone out of the banking above the car park at Aira Force. 
Loading the quad trailer with stones. They will be used to fill in a boggy area.
Steve, raking up some smaller stone prior to grass seeding. Dave "stone picking" in the background.
The scrub further along the bank needing to be cleared.
Steve using chainsaw to cut out and clear the larger scrub.
The clearance to the left has revealed a lot more stone that will need to be shifted.
Ready to take the first load of scrub or brash away.
John, raking up.
More brash and stone awaiting removal. Getting tidier.
Ray on "ride on brush cutter". By the path leading up to Aira Force.
Strimming back large nettle patch.
The area in front of the cafe before...
and after strimming.
A little work was needed on the strimmer after it "found" some discarded wire in the undergrowth!
Austin Sevens in the new improved Aira Force Car Park.
All the way...
from Cornwall!


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