Wednesday, 21 January 2015

'Spirit of Place' Sculpture.

Recently, James Mitchell (Woodland Craft) was requested to create a wood sculpture to evoke the special and much cherished aspects of the St. Catherine's estate and the Footprint.

James saw a windblown oak in the woods at St.Catherine's and decided
 that this would be ideal wood from which to carve a sculpture.

Skilful use of a chain saw.
© Christian Shaw. 

James uses a wood chisel for the more intricate and detailed work.
© Christian Shaw.

Working in the wood at St. Catherine's close to the site of the
fallen oak that provided the wood for the sculpture.
© Christian Shaw.

The sculpture about to be put in place at the entrance to St Catherine's.

A close up view...

...of some of the fine detail work.

St.Catherine's is a stronghold of the rare netted carpet moth...occupying
 pride of place at the base of the sculpture.

We are grateful to James who, through his unique sculpture, has encapsulated the distinctive ambience or "Sense of Place"  that permeates this property and reflects our 'Deepening Connections to Nature' initiative.

Please click on link below.

 Finally, these two images were taken from the sculpture's
location on Monday, Jan 19th, after a recent snowfall.

Above... The Langdale Pikes, and below...Wetherlam
with a glimpse of England's largest lake...Windermere.

What an outlook!

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