Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Firewood for the Footprint.

Strong winds have recently blown several trees down over a woodland boundary wall at St. Catherine's. 

Although this has added to our work, it presented the opportunity to replenish the fire wood stocks for the Footprint Building that is reliant on a large woodburner stove for heating its interior.

Made a mess of the dry stone wall.

The wall was repaired once the tree had been cut up and removed.

A small windblown ash ready to be cut up for firewood.
(Power barrow in the background waiting to be loaded up)

Loads are brought to the wood store from site by power barrows, once again proving their worth by their ability to negotiate difficult to access, boggy ground.

Log splitting, prior to stacking the firewood in the woodstore.

There are several compartments in the wood store which allows for the firewood to be used in rotation. The wood in the most recently filled compartment is used last to allow it to "season".

A large proportion of the firewood for the Footprint is sourced from windblown trees.

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