Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A Christmas present for Patterdale Primary School

 During last year a number of high winds had blown down some rather large trees in Aira Force. You could almost say some of them were as big as a car!!

They were beginning to make the pinetum area look rather untidy. So after a visit by our local primary school from Patterdale, it was decided that they could perhaps use them for something in their outside play area.

With some help from our forestry team, the three substantial logs were delivered to the primary school.

What to do with them now? It was decided that two of them would be transformed into log cars for the children to play on, easier said than done.

It was time to get in the mind-set of a 7 year old, which to be honest for some of our Rangers this wasn't that hard.

The plan was to use a chainsaw to carve out some seating areas. First the outline was marked with the tip of the saw; once all the lines matched up the final cut could be made.

The majority of the work could be done with the chainsaw, but some of the finer details had to be finished off by hand, with a chisel and hammer.

A car wouldn't be a car without a steering wheel and wheels.

After two days of work the cars were finally complete and ready for the children to enjoy.

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  1. Awesome. Well done for having the kindness, the imagination and the patience to turn big logs into wooden cars. What a terrific Christmas present for the primary school chidren!