Friday, 5 October 2018

'Rare Albion cattle recognised on the RBST Watchlist'.

Extracts from Media Release Issued: 03/10/2018.

'Surviving against the odds, an historic cattle breed has been formally recognised for the first time since the 1960's. Rare Breeds Survival Trust has just welcomed the very rare Albion cattle onto the Watchlist as a recognised UK native rare breed.'

'Gail Sprake, Chairman of RBST said, "Here at RBST we proudly boast that no breed has become extinct since we formed in 1973, but we so easily could have been proven wrong by failing to recognise these cattle. The Albions have had a dramatic reversal of fortune since their heyday in the 1920's, but we hope that this recognition will herald the start of a new chapter for the breed"

'The National Trust look after an historic herd at High Lickbarrow near Windermere which means the public can admire and support this incredibly endangered breed'.


In the light of this potentially encouraging news for the future of the Albion breed here are some images... (that I have taken over the last three years)... of the wonderful Scout Beck Herd of Albions at High Lickbarrow.

Originally from Derbyshire, Blue Albions had the name shortened to Albion because true breds may be blue roan, white, or mainly black with a little white as evidenced by the three calves above. 
Unusually in cattle, white is the dominant gene and as such is the 'true breeding'.

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