Thursday, 11 October 2018

A Monster Wall Gap...rebuilt through effective team effort!

Having been weakened by Storm Desmond back in December 2015 a large section of wall finally collapsed, in several stages, above 'Seldom Seen' overlooking Ullswater.

NT Rangers and volunteers from Ullswater and Windermere had the daunting task of rebuilding it!

The wall is adjacent to the footpath to Sheffield Pike; the gap was over 30 feet in length.
The wall was severely undermined by torrents of water. This section had to be taken down  to allow replacement foundation stones to be reset.
One of the truly massive foundation stones being levered back into place; this was not a task for the faint of heart!
Another, even bigger stone...
...was finally re-positioned with a few choice words of encouragement!
A view of the foundations gradually being put in place. It can be seen how steep the slope is;  many of the stones had tumbled down the bank and they had to laboriously be brought back up again.
Again, it is clear to see in this image just how steep the slope is.
Walling up on the low side of the wall.
The old concrete pipe was damaged in the wall's collapse so a new wider diameter pipe was brought in as a suitable replacement.
Walling over the pipe.
The wall is over 10 feet high on the down slope and at this stage the walling will have to be completed from the high side by walling 'over-hand'.
The pipe is in position ready to take the flow of the beck the next time it is in spate.
Some of the biggest stones we have seen in a dry-stone wall.
The wall is well on its way to completion
Another view with stone still to be dragged up the bank to be used in the wall.
Putting on the top stones or cams
Nearly up to height...
...and a view of the completed wall. The pipe will be trimmed but some overhang is desirable to allow the flow of water to clear the wall and hopefully reduce the chance of damage to the foundations in the future.

It took a team of between three and four, (depending on the days worked), to complete the work in just under five days.

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