Sunday, 6 November 2016

The walled garden pond...St. Catherine's.

Academy ranger Bruna Remesso, with volunteer help, has done a great deal of work in the walled garden at St Catherine's this year.
One of the jobs she undertook was to reinstate the old pond. It was dug out afresh and a new pond liner was put in place.
Stone dredged out of Troutbeck, after Storm Desmond, was selected to be used for landscaping the area around the pond. 
A volunteer group from Windermere School, who help out on most Thursday afternoons on various tasks, began landscaping work with Bruna.
A busy scene unfolds!
Smaller stones were put in buckets and...
...carried over to the pond.
looking promising.
Really taking shape.
Almost done. Approximately two and a half tons of stone was used for the pond.
The large rounds of wood floating  in the pond are alder. They have had large holes drilled in them as refuge sites for frogs and newts; hopefully they will colonise the pond.
The Windermere School group with Bruna on the right.
Julie King, Director of student pathways and careers at Windermere School, quite literally threw herself into the task, giving the term pond dipping a whole new meaning. She also ably demonstrated just how deep the pond was!

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