Friday, 28 October 2016


Last week, Monday 24th of October to Friday 28th, a number of small jobs were ticked off by the ranger team at St. Catherine's.
Lets start with a fallen oak blocking the footpath at Bordriggs Brow, Bowness on Windermere.
After our usual Monday morning litter sweep of the lake shore properties, Jenkyns Field, Cockshott Point and Millerground, we set to work.
With the path clear, the cut up oak was transported back to St. Catherine's...
 ..."processed" into firewood and stacked in the log store for seasoning, ready to be used in the Footprint wood burner.
Next up four farm gates for High Lickbarrow  Farm were undercoated and later painted in high gloss red. This colour is quite a feature of the farm's "colour scheme"!
This is the five foot gate, dazzling!..the other three gates are ten foot in length.
Next on the agenda, stone setts were used to create a defined border between the walkways, grassed area, flower beds and raised beds by the Footprint building.
Looking, dare I say, not bad!
the power barrow, proving its inestimable worth yet again, was used to collect gravel...
 ...and distribute it along the walkways around the raised beds.
The power barrow was also pressed into service to collect stones washed down
in the floods and then cleared into heaps along Troutbeck.

These stones will be used to landscape the newly dug out pond in the walled garden at St. Catherine's.
Our last job, during the week, was to repair a woodland wall gap above St. Catherine's. (The metal hurdle was put in place in case sheep were brought into the field before the wall had been rebuilt.)
Yes Blue! You are a great help!
Almost there.
Done and dusted. Back to the Bat Cave to write this post, have a coffee, and wind down for the weekend!

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