Thursday, 5 May 2016

Helicopter Lift at Troutbeck Park Farm.

A large quantity of  fencing materials required  transporting onto difficult to access upland areas of  the National Trust farm, Troutbeck Park Farm...(including The Tongue and Yoke). A helicopter lift was deemed to be the most cost effective and efficient means of achieving this. 

British International Helicopters were contracted to do the work here, and elsewhere in The Lakes, by the National Trust in partnership with the Lake District National Park Authority.

The fencing materials are needed to repair flood damaged boundaries and to stock proof certain areas from sheep; the aim here is to improve wood pasture land by a conservation grazing regime with limited numbers of cattle.

Prior to the day of the lift, much preparation work was needed such as stacking the fence posts into bundles and roping them up. The stock netting and barb wire were put into one tonne bags.

Leo, the Knot Maestro! 

Quantities of fencing materials and even more 'bundles' higher up the slope.

The British International Helicopters' BK 117 C1 G-RESC refuelling on the day of the 'lift'...May the fifth.

The lift in progress...this helicopter has a lifting capacity of 1.2 tonnes.

A close up....

...and an image at 25X zoom, approaching the drop zone.


Another 100 posts on their way to The Tongue, the summit of which can be seen in the background.

With special thanks to the pilot and ground crew of British International Helicopters.

All the fencing materials were flown to their designated drop zones in less than half a day...Impressive!

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