Friday, 13 March 2015

Wooden Raised Beds at the Footprint. Warning to Arachnophobes: Image of spider in this post.

Recently we have constructed six raised beds near the Footprint, mainly for visiting children to plant up and care for in the years to come.

The raised beds were constructed from (heavyweight!) oak 'sleepers,'
   cut to size with a chain saw, and then transported to the site by 'power barrow.'

The ground has been levelled and construction can now begin!

We disturbed what we think is a cave spider (Meta menardi?) at the base of the wall. It looks intimidating but is believed to be harmless; even so, it was carefully relocated!

The timber was given the 'distressed look!"

Broken slate and stone was tipped in for drainage prior to adding...

...the top soil.

A gravelled pathway was put in around the beds, being raked by Ray.

A raised bed was also put in place along the top of the bund that borders the St. Catherine's/Footprint car park.

Stepover fruit trees will be planted about 4 feet apart...marked out by the wooden pegs. Holes have been dug and filled with compost prior to planting the trees.

Step-over trees are single tier espaliers trained to grow between 18" to 2' high.

In this instance wood that could be 'trained' to follow the
 curvature of the bund was used to good effect.

The top soil.

The raised bed is ready and awaiting the trees arrival.

This post will be updated, with a progress report, once the trees
 and the plants are established.

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