Sunday, 22 March 2015

Wood Pasture Fence at Troutbeck Park Farm.

In partnership with the tenant farmer, the National Trust has embarked on a major long term project to improve the wood pasture at Troutbeck Park Farm.

The work is grant aided by Natural England through the Higher Level Stewardship scheme.

Part of the project involves fencing off a section of the 'Troutbeck Tongue.' This area will be grazed by a small number of hardy cattle. Sheep will be excluded, thus allowing wood pasture to regenerate after decades of over grazing.

The problem was to get the fencing materials up on to this steep and difficult terrain.

The Central and East Lakes Rangers and the Fell Rangers worked together to complete this daunting task.

The first leg of the journey: This is as far as the 'pickup truck' and trailer will go.
"She'll take no more Captain!"

The next phase of the journey: The indispensable power barrows loaded up with posts. Dave, James and Steve keeping the barrow level!
Troutbeck Farm can be seen in the distance at the head of the valley.

Onwards and upwards. Pete and Ade, Fell Rangers, on the second leg of the journey.

The power barrows have reached their limit and can go no further.
Nic and Laura seen here at the start of the last and most punishing leg of the journey.

This image does not do justice to the steepness of this incline.
Laura, Leo and Ray making their way up the gradient.

The U shaped Troutbeck Valley below.

And on into the mist.

Wood pastures are of historic and cultural importance. In addition they provide a precious habitat for rare and specialised species that are so dependent on old trees.

Managing the grazing effectively will bring long term benefits to wildlife and the landscape by ensuring that there will be more veteran trees in the future.

Below are images of wood pasture from previous posts.

An ancient Alder at Glenamara Park.
Image © S.Dowson. Area Ranger, Ullswater.

Wood Pasture at Glenamara Park.
Image © S.Dowson.

A pollarded ash at Troutbeck Park Farm.

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