Wednesday, 3 December 2014

To The Rescue of a Tree and a Footpath!

This bank by the side of Windermere, on which a medium size oak is growing, periodically becomes extensively and increasingly undermined when lake water levels are high. The footpath at Millerground runs directly behind the oak, and it too is threatened by this rapid erosion. 

If the tree fell its substantial root plate would rip away the path it is growing under. For the sake of the tree and the path urgent work was needed to save them both.  

Tons of stone were used to fill in the large cavity (it was possible to crawl right under the tree) in the hope it would give the tree and the path some stability. While the cavity was being filled large stones were used for pitching up the bank at an angle to take away some of the force of the wave action.

The work is well under way here. Millerground (as mentioned in previous posts) is a difficult place to work as access is so restricted. Power barrows were used to fetch in the stone, a time consuming job but the best option!

These power barrows really come into their own on jobs like this...of which there are many.. and it is difficult to imagine just how tough it would be without them.  

Work almost complete. A lot more confidence now in the tree and the path staying put!

A  female mallard took an interest in what was going on from an unusual vantage point.
(showing off her purple wing feathers.)

Seen enough. Really must fly.

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