Friday, 25 July 2014

Replacing the water hecks at Holbeck Ghyll.

National Trust woodland at Holbeck Ghyll is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, (SSSI) denoting a protected area in the Uk.

This site is noted for its geological features, and the fossils that are to be  found here.

The water hecks, designed to keep livestock out of this SSSI, are clearly the worse for wear and due for replacement.


The heck at the top of the woodland held together with twine!
An old disused Hogg House overlooks the top heck. This derelict building was, at one time, used to protect hoggs ( 9 to 18 month old sheep) over the winter months; a hayloft was  above the floor where the sheep were housed.
With the old heck removed, construction for the replacement can begin.
A heck of an improvement.
The first heck completed.


The heck at the bottom of the woodland...has definitely seen better days!
Cutting through the old beam on the lower heck.
Bringing up more materials...a time consuming part of the work. A fair distance up to the site was inaccessible to the works 4 wheel drive....
 Taking away the rotten, scrap wood.
A well seasoned birch log, (approx 20' in length) with the bark stripped off and treated with wood preserver stain, is used for the main beam.
Constructing the heck. It is designed to swing forward when the water levels rise and swing back when the levels fall. All the while it should be stock proof. 
The second heck completed.

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