Thursday, 3 July 2014

Animal Antics, and a bit of work.

An awkward wall gap between National Trust Common Farm  and Near Orrest Farm.
A large hazel growing through the wall. The tree swaying in the wind probably caused the wall to collapse.
 The tree was taken down with a chain saw and the wall was then rebuilt.
The rebuilt wall.
The farmer at Common Farm (unhappily) told us that sheep from a neighbouring farm had learnt  how to gain access to her hay meadow by using the stone step stile on a public right of way.
A case of the grass being greener and tastier on the other side.
Meanwhile, back at St. Catherine's, the Touch Me Not Balsam was looking parched; the recent long dry spell was affecting some of the plants quite badly as they are very shallow rooted. While they were being watered, Border Collie Blue decided it would be fun to get involved. 


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