Friday, 21 February 2014

Replacing the fire rope door seal on the Footprint's wood burner.

Fire rope seals, set in to a groove  on the inside of wood burner doors, are designed to stop an excessive amount of air entering the fire chamber.

Air leaks usually cause the fire to burn too fiercely, and "tarring" may occur on the door glass. 

To have some control over the rate at which the fire burns, the rope seal needs to be in good condition. If not, the fire rope needs replacing.
The Footprint stove's seal is starting to disintegrate. Part of the rope seal is missing
 causing air leaks."Tarring" noticeable on edge of glass. Replacement due!
The wood burner door was taken off its hinges and laid flat on an old waterproof.
Just the essentials! Coffee, flat bladed screwdriver, scissors, pick hammer, and tube of heat resistant fire rope adhesive. Wire brush out of shot.
Getting the old rope seal out with the pick hammer.
The old seal is out, and the recess or groove in the door is ready to be cleaned out.
The new fire rope seal.
The adhesive squeezed into the groove, prior to putting in the new fire rope.
The new fire rope about to Get into the groove.
Job done, and the door is ready to be refitted to the wood burner.

With a good air tight seal, The Footprint wood burner stove should once again burn to its optimum efficiency.

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