Thursday, 6 February 2014

Pre Season TLC for Townend's paths and gates.

3  bulk bags of gravel weighing 800 kg each were used.
Work done recently at Townend House by Trust rangers and volunteer, Matthew Stanton, included:
Resurfacing the paths and courtyard with 10 ml Dalston gravel.
                                                                                                                              Preparation, prior to repainting the wrought iron gate and posts on the pathway to the house.
The paths were looking quite threadbare after the 2013 season. Before.... 
Matthew, coming back for more gravel. ....during....

....and after!
The wrought iron gate. (Townend in the background.)

Using the drill attachment to get rid of the loose and flaking paint and rust.
Specialist paint being applied.
Excellent paint, and touch dry in half an hour!
The double oak gates at the car park entrance had sagged over the years, and were becoming increasingly difficult to open and close. The gate hangings were adjusted and the small nuts and bolts holding the gates together were tightened up.

This image clearly illustrates how "out of true" the gates were in relation to each other.
This was causing them to jam and making it difficult to open and close them.
The gates were also treated with a wood preserver stain.
The gates now much easier to open and close after the adjustments.
The handrails on the stone steps leading down to the house were also treated to a new coat of paint.

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