Thursday, 3 October 2019

Home Sweet Home.

Long term volunteer, Stuart, has constructed several barn owl boxes. Three of the boxes, two of which are now occupied by barn owls, have been positioned inside suitable National Trust barns.
In the image ,above, is a dilapidated old barn owl box on an oak tree near Galava Roman Fort...
...and here is its replacement, courtesy of Stuart...a highly des. res. for any barn owl that may wish to settle in the area. 
With the resurgence of red squirrels in the Ambleside and Windermere areas, Stuart has also constructed some magnificent red squirrel boxes. The entrance hole is large enough for reds but too small for greys. The entrance hole is protected by a metal surround to stop greys from making the hole bigger.
One of the red squirrel boxes has been positioned on an oak tree near Stagshaw Gardens where reds have been seen recently. Hopefully, it will provide both a good nesting habitat and a safe haven from predators.

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