Monday, 30 April 2018

Natterjack Toad Night Walk at Sandscale Haws.

Sandscale Haws, near Barrow in Furness, is an important site for the nationally scarce Natterjack Toad.
 On the 27th of April at 8 pm I went on an organised 'Natterjack Toad Walk,' here, led by two National Trust rangers, Neil and Adam.
One of the board walks at Sandscale Haws Nature Reserve.
A sand dune breached by a storm. The landscape is very dynamic. The dunes are often shifting and changing shape.
Natterjack toads are nocturnal and have evolved to breed in transitory water bodies. 
The name 'natterjack' is derived from the loud mating calls made by the males. The jack (or toad) that chatters!
Sandscale Haws.
One of the pools at Sandscale Haws where the toads were in fine voice. The males' mating calls can be heard up to a mile away on a still night!
Searching the area by torchlight for toads...
...Success! A young male is seen. Note the distinctive yellow stripe running down the centre of its back. 
I enjoyed my experience at Sandscale Haws and this was in no small part due to the knowledge and enthusiasm displayed by the two N.T rangers, Neil and Adam, who led the walk.

I also learnt that a gathering of toads is known as a knot of toads, whereas a gathering of frogs is referred to as an army of  frogs.

Posted by R. Wicksteed.


Sandscale Haws website

Below is an impressive video of a Natterjack in full cry!

Natterjack Calling

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