Wednesday, 28 March 2018

New natural play area at Aira Force

A new natural play area has been built at Aira Force. A small unused patch of grass next to the Tea room was identified as the perfect spot.

For some time the catering team had witnessed children climbing (and falling off) the wall that surrounds the Tea room, not only is this dangerous for the children, but it spoils what is a fantastic view of the Lake.

The work originally started the week commencing Monday 26th of February. As some of you may remember that was the week the ‘Beast from the East’ arrived.

We managed to get one day of digging in before the snow hit, and the Tea room turned from this.

Into this.

After the snow had melted and we could get the digger back on site we carried on clearing the top layer of turf and soil. This provided us with the basis to start constructing the play area.

The idea was to use local timber that had recently been felled in the valley, thus saving costs and using a local natural source to build the play features.

There were plenty of ideas from the rest of the team on what should be installed; they ranged from a wooden crocodile! To a bird hide made from logs. It was finally decided that some natural balance beams and stepping stones would be most practical and user friendly.

Once a rough outline of where the obstacles needed to go, the digging, cutting and chiseling could take place.

Finally a wooden edge was put in to help prevent the gravel from the path, and the bark from the play area mixing. This was ably put in by some of the Aira Force volunteers (Roger, Diane and Martin).

Once the edging was in the play bark could be laid and the grand opening could take place

A special thanks to one of the Rangers daughters in helping to cut the ribbon.

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