Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Hedge Laying in the snow at Townend.

The hedge bordering Townend House car park had been flailed for many seasons up until now.  
Last season the hedge was allowed to grow so that it could be re- laid more effectively.
This image shows the new growth from the previously flailed stems.
The hedge consists of thorn , ash and hazel.
This image shows a section of laid hedge.
Another view with the road beneath running alongside.
Pleaches at the base of the stems (usually made with a billhook) give them the flexibility to be laid down. 
The stems are interwoven to give the hedge strength and support.
The hedge was planted along the top of the roadside wall many years ago.
The difference in levels between the car-park and the road is considerable, making hedge laying a challenging job.
The view from the car-park of a heavy snow fall.
Later in the day working conditions improved when it stopped snowing..
An image of the laid hedge from the roadside, the following day February 7th, with the snow mostly gone but the temperature at minus 5!

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