Thursday, 20 April 2017

New gates for Cockshott.

Cockshott Point, at the southern end of Bowness-on-Windermere, is an extremely popular lake-side walk along the east side of Windermere, overlooking Claife Heights and Belle Isle.
The old gates giving access to Cockshott...above and below...are inadequate for some modern mobility scooters
To allow better access for mobility scooters the old gates have recently been removed and replaced by purpose built mobility access gates.....
An angle grinder was needed to cut back the railings; in this image it was used to cut back and smooth off the old gate pins ready for new railings to be welded on at a later date.
Getting started at the northern end of Cockshott after dismantling and removing the old gates and railings.
Concreting the gate post in.
 To the left a trench has been dug to allow the mobility access gate to be installed next to the new vehicular access gate.
A close up of the self closing mechanism for the mobility access gate.
The new gates. The 10' gate is locked and is only to be used by vehicles requiring access for events on Cockshott or for maintenance purposes.
Work starting at the southern entrance.
Digging out for the framework of the mobility access gate.
The new gates and the recently resurfaced path have contributed towards making a big improvement at Cockshott.

Below are some views from Cockshott Point now more easily accessible for everyone.
A view of the Belle Isle Round House from Cockshott Point.
Belle Isle with Claife Heights in the background. This wooded area is renowned  for its variety of native tree species.             
      Looking north towards the Troutbeck Fells.
An elegant steam yacht from a bygone era southbound between Cockshott Point and Belle Isle.

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