Tuesday, 16 August 2016

New Bench for Holme Crag, Jenkyn's Field.

 National Trust Jenkyn's Field provides a rare public access point to Windermere's North Eastern shore. It's entire Western flank is bounded by the lake.
 In stark contrast the busy A591 runs alongside the full length of its Eastern side.
An image of Jenkyn's Field shore as seen from the lake in Winter.
Above can be seen the record breaking conifers of Skelghyll Woods.
Many years ago there used to be a bench on Holme Crag, a rocky outcrop  of Jenkyn's Field,  jutting into the north east side of  Windermere near to Waterhead.

Holme Crag as seen from the lake.

Thanks to a National Trust supporter, who chose to celebrate the birth of his grandson with a generous donation to our work in this area, we were able to commission a local blacksmith to fabricate a new bench.
To give the new bench a firm foundation an oak sleeper was cut in half. Two parallel trenches were dug, at a set distance, within which the sleepers were placed...see below.
A certain amount of landscaping was needed to get the bench as level as possible on its newly positioned supports. 
The base of the bench was drilled back at St. Catherine's to allow it to be firmly attached to the two sections of sleepers... using coach screws.
Approaching the bench (after a brief steep walk) you'll be rewarded with...
...a splendid view of the North West shore of Windermere... somewhere to sit and enjoy it... and forget about the busy A591 so close and yet, seemingly, so far away.
Subsequently the area around the bench has had lake-shore gravel spread around its base.

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