Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Rebuilding roadside walls...good teamwork required!

The dry stone walls bordering narrow twisting Lake District roads are regularly hit by vehicles; this accident damaged wall, near Patterdale, is by the A592 just north of Kirkstone Pass.

Repairing these walls safely usually involves traffic control; rangers and volunteers from different properties in the Central East Lakes region team up to rebuild walls; stop-go signs are used to keep the traffic to a single file past the work site. 
The safety barrier is in place on the roadside with the keep left arrow sign. The corresponding keep right arrow sign is at the other end of the safety barrier. (Other signs warning motorists of roadworks and traffic control have also been put in position along the road) 
The wall was on a difficult section of road to manage as there was a bend as well as a blind summit to contend with; rangers on the stop-go signs were issued with walkie-talkies as an extra safety precaution.
Land-Rover and trailer being allowed through...
...and a car travelling in the other direction cresting the blind summit.
The work is progressing well.
A stream of traffic heading south towards the Kirkstone Pass.
Nearly done.
All done and dusted. 

Thanks to good teamwork the job went without a hitch and with minimal disruption to traffic.

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