Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The Jurte at Saint Catherine's.

Yesterday, Central and East lakes Rangers based at Saint Catherine's spent part of the afternoon erecting a 'jurte', with invaluable assistance from Debbie, the Footprint Supervisor, and her two daughters, Rosie, and Hannah back home from university.

Jurtes originate from Germany and look like a cross between a bell tent and a yurt; they are extensively used in Germany as scout tents.

The jurte will be used as a heavy duty shelter for green wood carving courses and for school and family bush-craft camps.

In this image Ray and James are transporting the jurte with all its the inestimable tracked power barrow... up to the wood above the Footprint building and on to site.

The start of the 'unboxing'.

The main roof section being unwrapped.

The site.

The wild daffodils were dug up to be transplanted out of harm's way.

The three centre poles being lashed together.

The roof being spread out...all 8 metres of it!


Getting ready to raise the roof.

"...did we do that last bit correctly?  I'm not so sure, but hey ho let's give it a go!"

Debbie, Hannah and Rosie ready to lift up the side poles having attached the guy ropes.

Hannah supporting the wooden side pole while James hammers in the steel peg which will tension the guy rope.

Hammering in the peg.

The almost completed structure. There is an option for side panels but it was considered that keeping the structure open will allow people to feel more in tune with the beautiful surroundings.

The central roof opening which may be used as a smoke vent for wood fires. There is a roof cap that can be fitted in the worst weather conditions.

Finally, today (30th of March) Bruna, Academy Ranger who has recently moved to Saint Catherine's  for a year,  planted up the daffodils that were removed from the site yesterday.

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