Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Retaining wall rebuild...Queen Adelaide's Hill.

During one of the recent storms a tree at the base of Queen Adelaide Hill fell across the A592 (Rayrigg Road). As it fell a section of retaining wall collapsed below it and when the root plate lifted it ripped out part of the stock fencing behind.

With the tree removed and the fence repaired it was the turn of the wall to be rebuilt. (Tuesday January 12th).

Sam, from South east Cumbria and Morecambe Bay, is helping us out this week...seen here beneath the stump of the offending tree...He is cutting back brambles prior to starting work on the wall.

With the stone cleared back, the foundation stones can be put in place.

This is an image from above of the wall during the rebuild. On a dry-stone retaining wall the stones are best placed 'end in end out' to give it as much strength as possible.

The wall close to being finished.

The competed wall with Sam giving the pavement a final sweep.

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