Monday, 24 August 2015

New Heck

A new Heck* is to replace the existing one on the Troutbeck, north of Windermere in the Troutbeck valley. This is part of a major environmental project to improve the land and especially to recreate wood pasture.
 Logistically it's tough being over half an hour from the farm, so the old hanging beam (pipe) was deemed to be OK. Unfortunately the walls that held it were not, and had to be repaired and the beam repositioned.

The original heck in disrepair.
Repairing the wall on the west side.

New parts arriving.

And old ones leaving.

The finished Heck.

*Heck (dialect) the lower part of a door; a grating,esp in rivers or streams; a rack for animal fodder or drying cheeses. Old English hec/haec  grating, hatch; Dutch hek  a gate.

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