Thursday, 2 April 2015

Tree Guards and Tree Planting: The Howe Farm.

Rangers have recently been involved with a lot of tree planting and the construction of wooden tree guards on various Trust farms in the Windermere and Troutbeck area.

The Howe Farm, on the A592 Kirkstone Road, is one such farm where this work is taking place.

This guard, under construction, is one of five in a field in which horses are kept...wider and stronger than most guards.

Two of the guards protecting recently planted oak trees.

A different style of guard by the stream...Troutbeck.
Narrow and much taller.

Another guard under construction overlooking The Howe Farm.

Complete with elm tree.

The last job was to remove and replace the broken protective fence around possibly the oldest ash pollard in the area.

Much better!

 A close up view of this veteran tree. It has, over the years, become a precious wildlife habitat. Note the new growth from the base of the tree.

The view from the ash pollard.
Troutbeck Park Farm below the Troutbeck Tongue with Yoke to the right of the image. This farm has been the subject of several posts relating to tree planting, wood pasture, and pollards

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