Friday, 13 February 2015

Millerground Enhancement Group. Path improvements on Queen Adelaide's Hill, and how to tell a Stoss End from a Lee Slope!

Queen Adelaide's Hill is situated to the east of Windermere, above Millerground, with magnificent views over the lake's widest point. 

It is a large drumlin, a rounded, elongated hill formed from an accumulation of glacial debris. A large proportion of the heterogeneous mix of glacial till consists of gravel.

The steep north facing slope (Stoss end) rises to the hill's highest point; the long south facing slope (Lee slope) tapers down gradually in the direction of the former ice flow.

View of Fairfield and Loughrigg to the north. 
This is the steep STOSS END and it once faced the ice flow.

View of Belle Isle and Claife looking south down the long gentle incline of the LEE SLOPE. (This slope indicates the direction of flow of the ancient glacier)

The Queen Adelaide's Hill path on its eastern flank was in need of attention; it had become very slippery.

The Millerground Enhancement Group decided to make the route to and from the top of Queen Adelaide's Hill safer. Cutting back the turf and exposing the drumlin's gravel gives a much grippier surface on the steep slope.

Members of the Windermere and Bowness Civic Society, students from Windermere School, and NT rangers working together on the path.

Completed section of path near the top of the hill.

The 'hairpin bend' is so steep that steps were deemed necessary.
(Putting in the 'risers')

The word drumlin is derived from the Gaelic word druim (rounded hill or mound)
Many hands make light work. A great deal was achieved in under two hours.

This post will be updated when more path and landscape work has been completed.

The completed steps near the top that lead to a wooden bench.

The greatly improved footpath is proving very popular!

Queen Adelaide's Hill was the choice of many from which to watch the only two airworthy Avro Lancaster bombers flying from north to south over Windermere!
Sept 7th. 2014. Image © V. Caudrey. 

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