Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Ranger Team Day at Millerground.

As mentioned in previous posts, sections of the Millerground footpath... on the extremely popular woodland walk along Windermere's eastern shore...are at risk of being seriously undermined when lake levels rise.

To combat this...stone revetment work by rangers and volunteers has been taking place in vulnerable areas.

It was felt that one bad area in particular needed many hands to help make a big task a lot less daunting; so Rangers, based at St. Catherine's Windermere, arranged a "Team Day" with the Fell Rangers, Rangers from Langdale and from Ullswater to assist with the work.

It can be seen how much the ground has sagged, the bank having been undercut and the soft sub soil washed away.
A small sycamore, that had collapsed along with the undercut bank, needed to be felled and removed prior to continuing the stone revetment work.
Revetment work proceeding with Fell Rangers, Leo and Ade and Langdale Ranger, Laura.
 Stone and rubble in the right of the image is being used to fill a void created by a fallen beech tree.
The cavity that was created behind the uplifted rootplate after the tree fell is very close to the footpath, hence the guard fence. Once the hole was filled and levelled the fence could be removed.
Stone being brought in by power barrow by Dave, Ullswater Ranger, and Ray, Windermere Ranger.
Many tons of stone were needed which were located and loaded by members of the team into the power barrows.
 These power barrows have proven to be invaluable, especially on difficult sites.
Pitching up the slope where the sycamore once was.
Looking good.
Another section of path made safe. The angle of the revetment is designed to dissipate the strength of the waves when water levels are high.
Putting in the new path edging stones. Where did you get that hat!?
Newly landscaped area above the fallen beech tree. It is healthy enough inspite of its prone position as it still has a good root system. Interestingly reed beds are becoming established in the shelter of this fallen tree!
What kind of a Team Day would it be without a barbeque? Steve from Ullswater keeping an expert eye on the sausages and burgers.

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