Sunday, 14 September 2014

Improvements to the View Point Area, and the path at Aira Force.

Work was needed on the path leading down from the small National Trust car park on the Dockray Road to a view point close to Aira Force. The viewpoint area itself was due to be resurfaced. 

The small wooden bridge that crossed the beck was old.
 For safety reasons it was removed and a concrete pipe was put there in its place. 

Aggregate from Threlkeld Quarry was used for resurfacing 
over the pipe.

Kevin Tyson was contracted to do the excavating, and to fill the power barrows from the aggregate pile dumped at the car park...the nearest practical point. 

The power barrow on its way from the car park to the site down the steep narrow path.

Nic, explaining to interested members of the public,
about the next stage of the work. Kevin was to level out part of the area prior to it being entirely resurfaced. It was a tricky job as Kevin had to reach over the railings with the excavator arm.

A lot of concentration needed!

 Digging out the turf which the digger couldn't reach.

Power barrow coming into its own, yet again, to take the turf away in order to landscape the area around the newly installed pipe.

Resurfacing inside the viewing area.

A "wacker plate" was used to firm up and compress the new surface.

The new surface. Within a short time, it will weather to match the path surfaces elsewhere at Aira Force.

The path above the newly installed pipe.

The view, taking in Place Fell, St Sunday Crag and Glenamara Park.
(Ancient Wood Pasture) See post ...Glenamara Park... on this Blog Site.

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