Thursday, 28 August 2014

Aria Force....winching, walling and revetment work.


A fallen Wellingtonia tree at Aira Force needed to be winched upright in order to tidy up the root plate. 

The upturned root plate is a bit of an eyesore especially as it is so close to the popular path leading up to Aira Force.

Although most of the tree had already been cut up, enough of the trunk was left intact to allow for leverage.

Going up. Nic can be seen, centre left, manning the heavy duty winch.

With the tree upright again, and the root plate back in place, it can now be felled 
leaving a tidy stump. 

The  trunk can now be cut up and removed.
Next job is the nearby wall.


The image above is of the tumble down wall that overlooks Aira Beck. The main beam of the water heck is in the foreground.

Not the easiest kind of wall to rebuild as it consists mainly of "beck stones" which are large irregular shaped cobbles. 

Care was needed in building the coyne end; there  was a steep drop into Aira Beck to contend with!

Breaking up stone to make filler or hearting for the middle of the wall. Without sufficient filler the wall will fall in on itself.

Steve and Ray positioning one of the large coyne stones. This large stone covers the entire width of the wall and gives added strength to the wall end.

Getting close to a finish.

Job Done.

The rebuilt wall seen from the other side of Aira Beck.

An attempt at a panoramic shot from the bridge.


Some erosion had occurred on the banks of a small beck that flows into Aira Beck. Revetment work was decided upon.

Ray and Nic unloading a large boulder for the revetment.

Top soil will be put in behind the stone at a later date....

the week after in fact!

Nic bringing in more stone for the revetment wall on the other side of the beck. The power barrow proving invaluable for the work.

Top soiling.

Finishing touches the week after.

All in all a productive 2 days with plenty of opportunities to chat about the work in progress to the many interested people on their way to and from the waterfall.

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