Sunday, 6 April 2014

Through the hedge to Bridge House.

Fiona Green, House Steward at Townend, has taken on the running of 17th century  Bridge House; it was reopened to the public on Thursday the third of April.

One of Fiona's ideas was to cut a way through the beech hedge that borders the area behind Bridge House and make a new entrance; this would be a good alternative to the narrow  roadside pavement access.

With everyone happy with the proposal, the work went ahead, and was completed before Bridge House reopened.

Work underway.
The way through.
A tree stump needed to be dug out.
Nearly there.
Taking away the cut back beech.
The ground has been levelled, and is being surfaced
with crushed stone from Elterwater Quarry.
Over two tons of stone used to resurface the walkway
and the areas in front of the memorial benches.
 Inviting new entrance to the area behind  Bridge House...
particularly for those going to and from Ambleside's main
car park, or to the shops and restaurant located nearby.

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