Friday, 17 January 2014

New Gateway for the track to Orrest Head via Common Wood.

Accessible from the A591, to the east of The Windermere Hotel, is a gated track; this leads to a footpath via Common Wood for Orrest Head, a well known viewing point.

The field gate across the track has occasionally been left open; cattle have then sometimes taken the opportunity to go through and get on to the busy A591. 
The offending gate! Image. Ray Gregory.
To reduce the risk of this happening again, a small walled up gateway below the field gate was reinstated, at the farmer's request, with a "self closing" wicket gate for access.

The field gate will in future be padlocked and bypassed by the new gate.
Taking down the walling stone from the blocked off gateway.
Loading up the power barrow (proving its worth again!)
Most of the walling stone has been taken down in this image.
The power barrow in the trailer. The stone will be taken by the power barrow down the Windermere lake path to Millerground; it will be reused for lake shore revetment work. (See previous posts on this subject).
The wooden gate stoop ready to be "stoned in". The power barrow about to take the the last load of stone away for Millerground. The field gate gate can be seen behind the barrow. It is open but no livestock is in the field today.
The "self closing"  hook and top gate band.
The  gate spring will assist the self closing effect.
Painting on wood preserver stain. Looks good and will prolong the life of the wood.
The finished gateway...........
.........and just a reminder of how it used to look! Image Ray Gregory.
The 4 foot wicket gate, complete with self closing or self fastening catch is much easier to use than the old field gate; it just looks much more inviting to walkers, and will minimise the risk of cattle getting on to the road from here!

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