Friday, 6 December 2013

Water-Gate (Heck) at Troutbeck Park Farm.

One of the many water gates or "hecks" at Troutbeck Park Farm needed repairing recently.

The wooden cross "beam" had collapsed into the stream, after becoming rotten in the middle.

A replacement was needed  urgently.

These gates or hecks act as barriers to livestock, whilst allowing the stream to flow past.

A recently felled birch at St. Catherine's looked to be an ideal replacement.


With the bark stripped off, it was ready for several coats of wood preserver.
Getting the replacement "beam" into position.
The length of birch  was transported to site by land-rover and trailer.

Final adjustments.
Drilling through the new beam to allow the "swing gates" to be attached . 
Job done!

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