Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Replacing the ladder stile at Glencoyne, above the old quarry.

The old ladder stile at Glencoyne Brow was in  a sorry state and in need of replacement.

Instead of a new ladder stile, putting in a new gate way through the wall was considered to be a better, and safer option.

A new gate would be far easier for dogs and their owners to negotiate!

It would involve a lot more work to install a new gate, but in the long run, well worthwhile.

Seen from the other side.....YES! It really is well past its sell by date.
The route to and from the old quarry is challenging, especially when carrying up tools and gate posts.
The View from the work site.
The wall in the process of being taken down to allow room for the new gateway.
Some of the "footing stones" or foundation stones needed to be removed.  2 bars needed for this one!
The gate post  has been dug into the ground and is firmly in place; the wall is being quoined up to it
Almost up to height.
Footing stone being "barred" in for the other side of the gateway
Almost done. This image gives some idea of the steepness of the slope we were working on.
Just a reminder of what was being replaced!

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