Friday, 10 May 2013

Volunteers help combat erosion damage to popular Millerground Footpath.

Heavily eroded section of the lake shore,starting to undercut the footpath at Millerground. 
With the help of a keen group of volunteers, the N.T Central and East Lakes Rangers at St Catherine's continue with an ongoing project to stone pitch the flood and storm damaged areas of Millerground. The aim is to safeguard this popular lake shore footpath that runs alongside Windermere.

Millerground is one of the very few public access points on the east shore of Windermere, most of which is privately owned.
A large cavity has formed under the exposed roots of an old beech tree that is partly undercutting the ground below the foot path.
Kate and Janet filling the void with stone and lake gravel prior to, and during the stone pitched revetment work.
Frank working on the trench that will form the key for the foundation stones. A deep trench will reduce the risk of the lake undercutting the foundations.
Foundation stones placed at an angle into the trench.
The pitching work in the early stages. A lot of stone still needed for filling in under the beech tree.
Pitching stone at an angle to form a breakwater for when the lake levels are high. The slope and the irregular shape and placement of the stones help to dissipate the wave energy.
A mixture of small stone and gravel for packing into the pitched stone.
Kate pitching stone in and around the tree roots of the old beech tree. Fiddly.
Sophie bringing in more stone for the revetment work. A large quantity of stone is needed for even a small area of pitching.  All very labour intensive!
 The revetment. Looks good, and a lot stronger than the crumbling bank it is now protecting!
A close up image of the stone pitching.
The Volunteers with the power barrow on the path above.

Many Thanks to the volunteers for all their enthusiasm and hard work over the two very wet days of the 8th and 9th of May 2013.................... We enjoyed working with you.

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