Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Tall Tree Trail and The Brash Barbeque

Extensive forestry work in Skelghyll Woods is the first phase of a major project to construct a new pathway amongst the many tall conifers that were originally planted in the mid 19th century.

Many branches from the big conifer trees had snapped under the weight of the recent snow fall, adding greatly to the piles of brash. Some of the largest of these branches had fallen onto the ground, making access difficult. 

National Trust Central and East Lakes Rangers and 2 volunteers lit several fires in the area and gradually the brash started to disappear!


One of several brash fires at Skelghyll.
An interested onlooker.

Starting to look a little tidier....Honest!

Well, all this dragging  brash to the fire sites does bring on a big appetite. Be a shame to waste the heat. Grubs up!

Some of the larger brash was cut up for firewood, to be used in the Footprint Building's wood burner.

After the tree clearance work a new path, called "The Tall Tree Trail", will be constructed by The Central and East Lakes Fell Rangers. (see Fell Rangers Blog.) 

This new route will soon allow people to easily wander amongst, and wonder at, the wide variety of some of the tallest conifer trees of their type in Cumbria.

Some of the gaps, that have been opened up, will also allow for the planting of specimen conifers that our future generations will see in all their majestic glory.                                                                                

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