Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Cumbria National Trust Volunteers. WHAT A DIFFERENCE A...VOLUNTEER...DAY MAKES!

On Sunday 2nd of September The Cumbria National Trust Volunteers met the National Trust Rangers at St Catherine's in order to help with some much needed path work at Millerground; sections of this popular path along Windermere's shore requires revetment work. High lake levels and Winter storms are eroding and undercutting some stretches. A path leading down to Millergrond was also in need of resurfacing and the cutting back of encroaching vegetation.            

The following images show just how much the Cumbria National Trust Volunteers achieved on the day.
cutting back some of the vegetation to improve access to the path
the trench ready to receive the foundation stones

working out how to incorporate the exposed tree roots into the pitching. Not easy!
digging out a trench for the foundation or base stones before starting revetment or pitching work
The path leading down to Millerground before commencing work. Note trip hazards, and how narrow it is!
Use of a bar to get some of the large stones out prior to resurfacing. (The stones come in handy for path edging)
The finished path. Quite a contrast to how it looked before work started.
Another section of revetment work completed. A great result after a lot of hard work.   

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