Thursday, 26 July 2012

Secrets of the Ranger – The Cat and the Ferret

So how do you trace the route of a drain deep underground?  With a CAT and a ‘ferret-finder’ of course!

Let me explain….

The ‘ferret-finder’ is a device that screws onto the end of a drain rod, and emits a signal picked up by the CAT.  This is slid along the drain until a blockage is found.

Ray here with the CAT (Cable Avoiding Tool) which acts like a metal detector.  He sweeps it over the ground and it gives a loud beep when it locates the 'ferret-finder'.

Roland then slowly inserts the drain rods with the ‘ferret-finder’ on the end into the blocked drain.

X (or an arrow!) marks the spot.  Here is the blockage so we know where to dig.

No animals were actually needed for this task but 50 drain rods were!

Look out for more Secrets of the Ranger!

Ben Knipe
Area Ranger
Windermere & Troutbeck


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